15 enero 2008

Ya se casooo, ya se fregooo!

What's up crazies? Yeah, we said it and now we're actually gonna have the craziest fiesta wedding this side of the border/New Wall. So y'all ready for this...da da da tan tan.....so picture this, if you will. Turn on your latin jamz and let us take you to a far away place called Austin, TX y'all. Cuz izz gonna be crunkin'! Va'star que arde! It's gonna be a wiki wiki wiki meeeex de boda tradicional y boda Ixchel y Mando 4Evah Stylezzz. Without giving too much away (about the wedding) there will be a wedding chicken....that's all we gonna say.

So congratulate us here and send us your mailing address (with a self-addressed stamped envelope - yas kidding!) on the comment section del blog. Tu sabe! And brush up on your Espanich Cabrones!

12 comentarios:

Jacqui dijo...

As usual, I am EL NUMERO UNO, first comment baby! Awesome blog, almost as good as mine.

My vitals are:

800 Wackeman Ct
Westerville OH 43081

Athenita dijo...

Yo vatos, word to ya motha. I'll see you at the ground zero on the big day..or before if there are other requirements?

474 Prospect Pl #4
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Radhika dijo...

Will the wedding chicken do the chicken dance at the wedding? :)

Yay for Mando and Ixchel!! I'm looking forward to partaking in the craziest fiesta wedding evah!

California Love,

ps--My mailing address is: 2382 Meadowlark Drive, Pleasanton, CA 94566!

Ruhi dijo...

Our little Mando's all grows up! I have a feeling this is not to be missed.

Mis direciones:
116 Springdale St., #10
Decatur, GA 30030

Anónimo dijo...

cuando v hacer?????? esa no me la pierdo por nada.

Un besote y abrazo a los dos me dá un chingo de gusto!!!!


Anónimo dijo...

oohwee woohwee, can't wait~!
I have been practicing my gritos!
Does "Yeee-Haaww" count?
How about "yodale-hee-hoo"
Julie and Jimmy
8008 Red Willow Dr.
Austin Tx. 78736

Anónimo dijo...

can't wait you guys...count the dungans in.
casey & bucko
1708 Miriam

toastface dijo...

Ay dios mio! Las peruanas en mis pies estan gritando! Grita grita! Es verdad? Muchas veces, la guitarra. Pero donde esta mi barco de muchissimo? Mas o menos. Cuando desayunan? Ojala!

310 Parnassus Ave #203
San Francisco, CA 94117

mychal dijo...

i just wanna say...i was there, at Lovejoy's when yáll did your first of many little boogies and i knew there was some kind of magic in the air for you two!! i am so excited to be a part of your big day...i will be there with bells on, or whatever you two wacky ones require...i'll do it!! with mucho gusto!! felicidades yáll!
oh yeah...
Mychal Mitchell
1724 Giles St
Austin, TX 78722

Victor Lujan dijo...

I hope you know what you're getting into, Ixchel. Just kidding, Mando's a great guy. Here's our address:

8908 Ipswich Bay Drive
Austin, TX 78747

Patricia dijo...

Uhhhh, I thought this was a Latino wedding. We don't RSVP, guey! But if you're getting a little gringo, dingo, aquí te va:

6515 Ridge Place
San Anto, TX 78250

Ruth Hughs dijo...

Muchas felicidades! We can't wait for the fiesta! Ruth and Goyo Hughs

2010 Mistywood Drive
Austin, Texas 78746