29 agosto 2008

Viva El Amor Ultimate Slideshow!

Okay, all the pics are in! Thanks to everyone for sharing a kick-ass time with us, for your gifts and visits and quality time with Tequila and hospital visits!

We also have a short Best Of List. Big props to all particpants!

Best interpretation of a Taco - Miles
Cutest Cowgirls - Isabela & Natalia
Best Tarzan - Javier
Best Menudo - Mi Tia Olga
Best Wedding Decorators - Everybody that Decorated it!
Best Couple - Ixchel y Mando! ;)

Gracias a todos!
Ixchel y Mando

12 agosto 2008

Official "Viva El Amor" Photos

So now we can finally show everyone our official wedding photos taken by our comadre Penny De Los Santos! She did an awesome job and appreciate this awesome gift! Enjoy...