15 enero 2008

Ya se casooo, ya se fregooo!

What's up crazies? Yeah, we said it and now we're actually gonna have the craziest fiesta wedding this side of the border/New Wall. So y'all ready for this...da da da tan tan.....so picture this, if you will. Turn on your latin jamz and let us take you to a far away place called Austin, TX y'all. Cuz izz gonna be crunkin'! Va'star que arde! It's gonna be a wiki wiki wiki meeeex de boda tradicional y boda Ixchel y Mando 4Evah Stylezzz. Without giving too much away (about the wedding) there will be a wedding chicken....that's all we gonna say.

So congratulate us here and send us your mailing address (with a self-addressed stamped envelope - yas kidding!) on the comment section del blog. Tu sabe! And brush up on your Espanich Cabrones!